American Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

Volume 12, Issue 2, March 2023

  • AHREPS - Alternating Hybrid Renewable Energy Power System for Load Prioritization: A Case Study of Otokwu-Mmaku Community, Awgu, Enugu State, Nigeria

    Anikpo Chukwuka Ekene, Ogbonna Bartholomew Odinaka

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, March 2023
    Pages: 24-31
    Received: 13 March 2023
    Accepted: 21 April 2023
    Published: 10 May 2023
    Abstract: This paper presents the results of a research study using a novel Binary Data Driven Programming (BDDP) solution coined AHREPS (Alternating Hybrid Renewable Energy Power Systems) to alternate between a Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) Renewable Energy (RE) system and a Wind Turbine (WT) Renewable Energy system to provide continuous power supply in a r... Show More
  • Adaptive LMS MPPT Controller and Adaptive Inverter Control Law to Control the Solar Photovoltaic System

    Nalini Karchi, Deepak Kulkarni

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, March 2023
    Pages: 32-39
    Received: 17 August 2022
    Accepted: 16 September 2022
    Published: 5 June 2023
    Abstract: The objective of the proposed work is to develop the maximum power point tracking controller and inverter controller by applying the adaptive Least mean square algorithm to control the total harmonics distortion of a solar photovoltaic system. The advantage of the adaptive LMS algorithm is simple and required less computational time. The adaptive L... Show More